Apalachicola Proposes Legislative Initiative
The Apalachicola Environmental Stewardship Bill is a 2019 state legislative initiative by the City of Apalachicola to establish funding for some of the City's most pressings needs: infrastructure improvements to wastewater, drinking water, and stormwater systems and water quality protection. You can read the bill here.



The City has received several grants over the last several months. Here is the list that is updated as projects are funded or completed.

USDA Grant/Loan Funding Package for Drinking Water Improvements
Funded. This $1.7 million federal grant/loan package secured from USDA will fund the installation of drinking water improvements to address the City's Trihalomethane (TTHM) compliance issue. The funding package comprises a $1,230,730 grant and a $474,000 low-interest long-term loan.  The project is designed to lower/keep TTHMs in the federal drinking water compliance range, lifting the DEP Consent Order and its $100 per day fines. Bid advertisements are expected to run in November 2019 with the timeline for project completion approximately 10-12 months. The project consists of constructing improvements including a Granulated Active Charcoal filtration system to the existing water treatment plant located on Chapman Road.
USDA Community Facilities Grant
Applied. The City has submitted a grant application that would fund 50-75% of the cost of a new police vehicle. Grant funds will make it possible for the Apalachicola Police Department to replace one of its fleet vehicles that is at the end of its useful life, providing a reliable patrol vehicle with which to carry out the public safety mission.
Community Planning Technical Assistance Grant
Funded. $40,000. Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. This project engages a consultant to develop a plan that identifies specific projects and actions that the City of Apalachicola can undertake to meet the priorities outlined by the Florida Legislature for the City of Apalachicola Area of Critical State Concern.  This will strengthen the City’s position as legislative funding is pursued. This plan will also involve a review of impacts from Hurricane Michael, along with an inventory of resiliency efforts needed to strengthen the city of Apalachicola for future storms.

Construction of Stormwater Retrofit Facilities
Funded. $400,000. Northwest Florida Water Management District. Funding allocated as part of a previous NWFWMD project, this project will construct stormwater infrastructure (underdrain system with nutrient-reducing biosorption-activated media) and pervious paver parking.

Applying Mitigation Measures to Vulnerable Historic and Economically Significant Resources.
Funded. $60,000. Funded through the Northern Gulf Alliance, a cooperative NOAA sentinel group out of Mississippi State. This grant will accomplish the following: fund the study and recommended mitigation measures to floodproof and/or elevate up to 10 publically-owned economically and historically-important structures identified as either repetively flood-damaged or vulnerable to storm surge flooding based on FEMA documentation and the City?s 2017 Vulnerability Analysis. The grant will cover the required elevation certificates and specific building assessment reports and construction estimates for the buildings.

Apalachicola Coastal Resilience Project.
Funded. $52,500. Funded through the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Coastal Division. This grant will accomplish the following: survey, map and document recommended culvert size for areas within the City?s problematic drainage basins to produce a block by block analysis of culvert size and conveyance descriptions which will be used to develop specific recommendations for mitigating nuisance flooding in the basin. The second part of this grant will fund the completion of the tasks necessary to become eligible for induction into the FEMA Community Rating System. Additionally, the deliverable will also create the public education materials identified and recommended in the 2017 vulnerability Analysis. Both projects have been either recommended specifically or are consistent with the activities and recommendations identified in the City?s Vulnerability Analysis, the 2019 Evaluation and Appraisal Report or 2018 FEMA CRS checklist.

Apalachicola Historic District GIS Project, Phase II.
Funded. $50,000. Funded through the Department of Historic Preservation Small Matching Program. This is phase 2 of the City's historic GIS program. Phase 1, completed in 2017, involved digitizing and uploading three of the historic Sanborn maps to the City's GIS system. Phase 2 of the project will focus on acquiring Master Site File data from the Division of Historical Resources and uploading approximately 500 listings of historic contributing and noncontributing sites as an overlay in the City's GIS system. Each site listing will include the Master Site File information and each site will include a current photograph of the site.