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Apalachicola Holds Comp Plan Review Workshop February 7

The Apalachicola City Commission will hold a public workshop at 3:30 pm, Tuesday, February 7 to discuss preliminary review findings of the City’s Comprehensive Plan.  The review, funded through a 2022 DEO Community Planning Technical Assistance Grant, compares the City’s plan against statutory requirements that have gone into effect since the last time the City updated the planning document in 2013. The February 7 workshop, facilitated by planning consultant Cynthia Clark, will include recommended state required revisions to the plan in such areas as Peril of Flood,  Planning Horizons, Private Property Rights, Capital Improvement Planning, Water Supply Planning and Population estimate data and analysis.  The February 7 workshop is the first in what is expected to be a series of comp plan workshops. The public is encouraged to attend and community input is invited.

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