City of Apalachicola


Volunteer Board & Committee Members

The City of Apalachicola is currently taking applications from interested citizens who have a desire to get involved with the preservation and enhancement of the City of Apalachicola’s unique historical, architectural and working waterfront characteristics by serving as volunteer board members.  For further information or to obtain an application visit Apalachicola City Hall, 192 Coach Wagoner Blvd., Telephone 850-653-9319, Email Appointments are made by the Apalachicola City Commission.

Citizen Boards and Committees
Apalachicola citizens have an opportunity to volunteer their time and expertise on a number of citizen advisory boards and committees. Citizen boards and committees are appointed by the City Commission and their terms vary. There are two different types of volunteer groups that are appointed by the City Commission - Boards and Committees. Boards have more regulatory authority and committees are appointed in an advisory capacity. Examples of Boards would include the Planning and Zoning Board, Architectural Review Board and Board of Adjustment. The rest are considered advisory committees. Each of the City's current boards and member makeup is listed below.


Apalachicola Planning and Zoning Board
The Apalachicola Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) is made up of seven persons who, based on their expertise or occupation, serve as advisory members in reviewing building permits, proposed development site plans and proposed renovation and rehabilitation of historic structures within the City as well as new construction within the City's Historic District. The board, appointed by the City Commission, reviews permits, site plans, stormwater management plans, special exceptions and other proposed developments for consistency with the City's Land Development Regulations as well as for consistency with the City's Comprehensive Plan. The P&Z also periodically reviews existing land development regulations and makes recommendations for changes, whenever necessary, to the City Commission. Current members: Al Ingle-Chairman, Jim Bachrach, Joe Taylor, Elizabeth Milliken, Lee McLemore, Bobby Miller and Chase Galloway; Alternate-Justin McMillan.

Architectural Review Board
The Apalachicola Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) serves as the City's Architectural Review Board to ensure that all development that occurs within the City is compatible with other historic resources within the City's historic district. Current members include the existing planning and zoning board.

Board of Adjustment
The Apalachicola Board of Adjustment, appointed by the City Commission, is made up of 7 persons. The board acts to consider appeals to any administrative order, requirement, decision or determination made by the local government. The board also hears requests for variances from the land development regulation requirements. Current members: Carrie Kienzle- Chair, Anna-Maria Cannatella, Fonda Davis,  Dennis Winterringer, Atul Patel and Patricia McLemore.

Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA).
This committee is responsible for advising the City Commission on CRA boundaries, amendments to the existing CRA plan and identifying suggested projects with the CRA. Current members: Chair - Commissioner Brenda Ash, Vice-chair - Citizen Member - Jeff Lockley, Mayor Kevin Begos, Commissioner Anita Grove, Commissioner Adriane Elliott, Commissioner Despina George and Citizen Member - Leslie Wallace-Coon. 

Library Board
This committee is responsible for overseeing all activities of the Apalachicola Municipal Library and for making recommendation to the City for improvements to the library. Current members include the following:  Sondra Taylor-Furbee, Chair, Commissioner Brenda Ash, Ginny Griner, Jody Rosenbaum, Trinity Hardy, Audie Pieper, Jerry Hurley, Isabel Pateritsas, Librarian Caroline Kienzle, and Lynn Wilson-Spohrer.

Housing Authority Board
This committee is reponsible for overseeing the operation of the Apalachicola Housing Authority at each of the City's two housing projects at 14th Street and 11th Street. Current members include the following: Fonda Davis-Chair,  Kevin Ward, Michael Moron and Pete Adams, Nedra Jefferson-resident advisor.  Stephanie Turrell serves as Executive Director.

Revolving Loan Committee
This committee is responsible for overseeing the City's revolving loan program with duties including reviewing loan applicants, following up on existing loan recipient projects and making recommendations to the City Commission for funding requests. Information about the City's revolving loan program may be obtained by calling City Hall at 850-653-9319. Current members:  John Lee-Chair, Betty Croom, Dixie Partington. There is currently one vancancy on this board, a financial institution representative.

Marina Committees
These two committees (Mill Pond and Battery Park) work with City Administration and Harbor Master to make recommendations on the various projects and activities that occur at each of the City's marina sites.

Current members of Mill Pond Committee:  George Watkins-Chair, Ralph Richards, Marcus Strickland, Steve Rash and Arthur Hollenbeck.

Current members of Battery Park Committee: Jim Brown, Grayson Shepard, Bill Avery, Tom Gray, Tim Peterson, Dan Garlick and Mikel Garman.

Waterfront Working Advisory Committee
This committee works with City Administration to make recommendations on the use, and on various projects and activities that occur on city-owned property along the waterfront. Current members:  George Mahr-Chair, Harry Arnold and Joe Shields.

History, Culture & Arts Committee
This committee was established in  June 2008 to coordinate, plan, organize implement and secure funding for city owned museums, culture centers and visual/performing arts facilities. The  committee would provide an annual assessment of needs and available resources to ensure the best use of city facilities. Current members include the following: Valentina Webb - Chair, Ed Springer, Nadine Kahn, Holly Brown, Commissioner Anita Grove, and Oryan Speet.

Tree Committee
Current members: Dennis Winterringer, Robert Seaborn, Holly Brown, Pamela Richardson and Frederick Kahler

CDBG Task Force
Current members: Tami Ray-Hutchinson, Juli Jones, Ryanna Lockley, Bonnie Davis and Jan Kirkland.

Parks & Recreation Committee
Current members: Chair - Elinor S. Mount-Simmons, Diane Brewer, Donna Ingle, Torben Madson and Mark Milliken.  Alternates - Dolores Croom, Faye Gibson

Audit Committee

Current members - Adriane Elliot - Commission Seat 2; Despina George - Commissioner Seat 1 and Joan Stanton