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For complaints or questions about discrimination in City employment or services, accessibility for persons with disabilities, or for fair housing complaints (not foreclosures), contact Betty Webb, City Administrator, at
or phone 850-653-8715,
or mail 1 Avenue E, Apalachicola, FL 32320.


Apalachicola offers a wealth of activities that compliment the City's rich history, maritime culture and bountiful resources. For specific information on all of Apalachicola attractions, visit the Apalachicola Bay Chamber of Commerce at 122 Commerce Street, Apalachicola, FL 32320. (850) 653-9419.

Veterans Plaza
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, The Wall, was dedicated in 1982 as a symbol of our nation's honor and recognition of the men and women who served in the Vietnam War.  In 1984, the Three Servicemens Statue was dedicated to The Wall.  A life-like depiction of our courageous soldiers, the bronze sculpture was created by the late Fredrick Hart as a symbol of their courage and devotion to their country.  A partial replica of the Three Servicemen Statue was authorized for the Veterans Plaza, 230 Market Street, in Apalachicola.  The Three Servicemen Statue South non-profit organization was created to raise the necessary funds to bring this one of a kind detail of the original sculpture to Apalachicola.  The Three Soldiers, Detail bronze sculpture made from the original molds is set on a black granite pedestal and is the centerpiece of Apalachicola's Veterans Memorial Plaza.  For more information, please visit their website at        

Historic District
Historic Apalachicola has many fine old homes and buildings dating back to the 1830s. A scenic walking tour of the town acquaints visitors to sites such as cotton warehouses which housed the City's once prosperous cotton export during the 1800s and stately antebellum houses nestled amid magnolias. Each May, Trinity Episcopal Church sponsors an walking tour of historic houses. The Apalachicola Bay Chamber of Commerce also has a walking tour map with brief descriptions of the City's prominent historic structures.      

Gorrie Museum. A tribute to John Gorrie, the inventor of mechanical refrigeration. Dr. John Gorrie,  moved to Apalachicola in 1833. The young physician served the city as mayor, postmaster, city treasurer, council member, bank director and one of the founders of Trinity Church. His most important contribution, however, came during an outbreak of yellow fever in the area. Concerned for the well-being of patients sick with the disease, Dr. Gorrie invented an ice-making machine to help cool their rooms. The development of mechanical refrigeration by Dr. Gorrie paved the wayfor modern air conditioning and refrigeration. He received a U.S. patent for his discovery in 1851 but died before realizing the impact of his invention. John Gorrie State Museum is located on Sixth Street in Apalachicola, off U.S. 98. (850) 653-9347.

Apalachicola boasts three local parks, all three of which feature waterfront views.

Lafayette Park, located in the center of Apalachicola's historic home district, is a waterfront showcase. Dedicated in 1832 and rededicated 100 years later, it features a lush landscape, period lighting, a gazebo, children's play equipment, picnic tables and a long fishing pier which stretches several hundred feet out into Apalachicola Bay.

Battery Park, located beneath the John Gorrie Bridge at the entrance to Apalachicola, is the site of the annual Florida Seafood Festival. Funds raised by the Festival has paid for the extensive boat docks in the adjoining City Marina area. This park features a new community center and children's play equipment.

The City boasts a third park overlooking the Apalachicola River. The Chapman Botanical Gardens Park is a tribute to Dr. Alvin Chapman, a prominent 19th Century Botanist who discovered many rare plant species in the Apalachicola area. The park features period lighting, seating areas, a gazebo and beautiful boardwalk.



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